• LLB from the University of São Paulo – USP;
  • LLM in Economic, Budgetary and Tax Law from USP;
  • PhD in Economics from INSPER School of Economics.
  • SJD in Economic, Budgetary and Tax Law from USP
  • Judge at the Administrative Tax Court of the State of São Paulo.

Vinícius is focused on advising national and international clients on complex tax matters and on the structuring and execution of national and international investments in the Brazilian market (eg, operations involving mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, private equity, project finance, debt issuance, corporate restructuring, etc.), in addition to representing Brazilian companies that are expanding internationally.

Vinícius is also focused on strategic tax administrative litigations at the Federal, State and Municipal levels.

  • LLB from PUC-SP;
  • LLM from PUC-SP;
  • SJD and Post-Doctoral in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid;
  • Associate Professor in Budgetary and Tax Law at – USP.

Estevão acts as a Senior Tax Consultant and is the main responsible for the elaboration of legal studies and Formal Legal Opinions.

He is a former São Paulo State Attorney and he serves as an Associate Professor at the Department of Economic, Financial and Tax Law at the Law School of USP and as a senior Professor of Tax Law at PUC-SP.

Estevão is the author of”Lançamento Tributário e Autolançamento” (2010) and Contribuições de intervenção no domínio econômico” (2009).

Estevão is also the vice president of Instituto Geraldo Ataliba – IDEPE and a member of the Scientific Council of the Revue Française de Finances Publiques.